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English Home Tutors in Pune, Home Tuition in Pune, Engineering Home Tutors in Pune

a Year ago
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English Home Tutors in Pune, Home Tuition in Pune, Engineering Home Tutors in Pune

10 Creative Ways to Teach Maths

Kids find maths daunting. They find it difficult to learn the tables, calculations, tips and tricks, formulas, etc. Home Tutors find it challenging to help the tutees focus on this particular subject. To sail you out of this dilemma we are here with 10 Creative Ways to Teach Maths.

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1. You can add sparkle and creativity to your sessions by starting off with questions like - Did you try this? What would have happened if? Do you think you could?
2. Use dramatizations: Children learn visually better than theoretically. Thus, ask them to pretend to be a sphere or rectangular prism. Demonstrate problems through drawing, characterization, real-life scenarios and then ask them to provide a solution for the same.
3. Engage them in fun learning: Use games like block play to help children do mathematics in numerous ways, including sorting, creating symmetric designs, making patterns, etc. With games, you can teach them counting, arithmetic, and money concepts faster.
4. Use their toys: With the help of their favorite toys act out situations and assist them in providing logical solutions.
5. Use stories: Get them story books that address mathematics and creative solutions.
6. Use natural creativity: Have mathematical conversations. Ask them fun puzzles and riddles. Give them goodies for the correct answer.
7. Use tutees problem-solving abilities: While solving a problem, ask children to use their fingers or anything handy for problem-solving.
8. Use different strategies: Consciously bring mathematics in all your discussions. Be it the classroom, morning meeting, setting up the study table or cleaning up the board.
9. Use technology: Record children's mathematical work, and then use the photographs to aid discussions with the parents, curriculum planning, and communication with the kids.
10. Use timely assessments: Use programs that assess children automatically. Give mock tests, conduct quiz and evaluate their progress and logical reasoning.

Looking for Mathematics Home Tutors in Pune? Find them at
L-505, 4th floor, Mega Center
Magarpatta, Hadapsar, Pune 411028
Maharashtra, India
08275750074, 020-66203151
Website –

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