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  1. How do I register?

    Registration to Yello Classifieds is free. Basic registration is quick and easy – just enter a valid e-mail address and select a password.

    Another way to register is by connecting with your Facebook account. This will automatically fill out some of your profile, and you’ll get an additional verification for your account.

  2. I have problems with my registration, I cannot login

    Make sure you enter the correct username and password, the same you entered during registration. If you continue to have difficulty, please click "Forgot Password". Enter your e-mail address - your username and password will be sent to your registered e-mail address. Any more problems, please contact our customer service at

    In case you forgot your username and your password and also entered an incorrect e-mail address in your registration, you will have to register again. That’s why you should use only a valid e-mail address.

  3. Why do I have to register?

    Security and protection – for yourself and all other users. We have to make sure that you are who you say you are, thereby protecting you and other consumers from fraud and scams.

  4. How can I edit my personal information?

    Log in to your account and choose "Profile" from the top menu bar. Click "Edit my profile". Change what you want to change and save.

  5. I forgot my username or password, what can I do?

    Click "Forgot password" under the login box. Enter your e-mail address - your username and password will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

  6. How can I post an ad?

    1. Login with your username and password, then click “Search”
    2. Click the 'Post Ads' button.
    3. Select the category and subcategory you want to post your ad in.
    4. Enter the details of your ad.
    5. Post a picture if you want.
    6. Preview the ad and publish it.
  7. How much does a posting cost?

    Postings on Yello are free.

  8. How can I advertise on the banner (skyscraper) ad?

    To advertise on our banner ad, please write to and inquire about our rates and conditions.

  9. Can I attach one or more pictures?

    Yes, and it is very easy to do. When you have entered all the information you want to post, you will be asked to post a picture.

    Select the picture(s) you want to post. Please make sure pictures are init is a .jpg or .gif file format and not bigger than 1MB. Confirm your selection.

    When you are posting more than 1 picture, make sure to start with the top picture.

    Your picture(s) will be uploaded immediately.

    If your uploaded pictures do not show make sure you enable Flash on your browser.

    You can upload .png images and you can also upload jpeg files only if the file extension is .jpg.

    Pictures will only show on your ad if your computer browser has Flash enabled..

  10. How can users contact me when they like what I have in my ad?

    The easiest (and fastest) way is by telephone, so post your telephone number(s) in the ad.

    Contact via e-mail inquiries will be sent directly to the e-mail address specified in your registration data. Your e-mail address will not be visible in the ad, as we do not want spammers to be able to see them.

  11. How can I manage my ads?

    Simply log in and go to "Profile" on the top menu bar. There, you find all your ads and can choose to change them by clicking “Edit” and then make any updates to your ad.

  12. How soon does my ad expire? Can I extend my ads?

    Your ad will expire 30 days after posting.

    You can extend your ads by going to "Profile" on the top menu bar. There, you find all your ads and you can choose to extend them by clicking “Extend ad”.

  13. How can I change a photo?

    Go to "Profile" on the top menu bar. Choose the ad with the photo you want to change and click “edit” on the ad.

    Find a new photo. Submit the ad with the new photo by clicking the "Submit" button.

    To remove the old photo, click “Remove” button on the photo. Then submit the ad by clicking the “Submit" button.

  14. What kind of ads are prohibited?

    It is absolutely forbidden to advertise illegal products and services, such as, but not confined limited to:

    - Body parts, weapons, illegal drugs, pornographic and immoral items and services, stolen and smuggled goods, products that do not have a government certificate, and all other items or services that are illegal according to the ICT laws of Thailand.

    Please also consult the Terms of Use.

  15. What will you do with my personal data?

    We will keep it safe and never give it to anybody – unless you authorize us to do so. We honor your privacy and have done our best to keep it that way.

    You can choose yourself which information about you should be published in ads.

    We will never publish your e-mail address on the site. A potential buyer and an applicant can contact you through the “contact” function.

    All data will be stored safely with us. We will use your contact information only to send you information about things you are interested in, relevant to the Yello Classifieds site.

    Please see more details in the Privacy Policy.

If you have any other questions you would like to have answered, please contact us at

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